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can have - is you!

We just help you succeed.


Horsemanship Consulting

Dear Horsefriend.

Dear Horsemen and Horsewomen.

A calm and relaxed horse, worry-free and easy under control in any situation -

that is how everyone should be able to enjoy horses.

Achieving full body control through mutual trust and respect is possible -

for every horse and every rider.


Training for over a decade a diverse range of horses - and humans, has taught me to recognize the essentials to a healthy and safe relationship between horse and human.

I want people to enjoy riding! To enjoy their horse-human connection!

I want horses to be happy and relaxed around their humans and live a long and good life.

I want to see you succeed in whatever it is you do with your horse, no matter the discipline or activities you love.

The greatest issue between horse and human is miscommunication. We, as humans, need to learn the horse's language, in order to be able to teach them our language.

That's what I do.

I teach people to understand horses.

And I help horses to understand people.

This is not a stiff, ready-made course. This is about you, about your horse and the beauty of your connection. 

Chris Shalliev is one of Europe's most talented young horsemen. Together with his team he created Horsenook | Horsemanship Consulting - to accompany, coach and support you and your horse personally - with a completely individual approach.